Django we’ve been blessed

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We have been blessed to have you join our family. From the moment your photo was viewed on the Dierencentrum website Mom fell in love. Our day to come and meet you was an adventure as Papa had another baby in mind though our walk with him, as sweet as he was still left mama wanting to meet you. And the moment you came out we fell in love. Your sweet and gentle demeanor radiated not only through your eyes but also through your very being.

Omi and Jordan were with us and you had the same effect on them as you did us. We were offered the ability to have you overnight to see if we were still interested but we knew already that you were part of our family. It was hard to not be able to leave with you that very moment as we had the paperwork to do the next day and your things to gather and have in place for you. Papa came in as quickly as possible the following day to get all of the paper work in order. Jordan and Mama paced the floor at home jumping up every time we heard a noise ready to welcome you.

It seemed to be an eternity when papa called to say you two were at the end of the road and be ready. Jordan and I raced down to wait for you with our hearts overflowing. I cried, seeing how happy you were coming down the road with papa it was an amazing sight.

When we came in the door you looked around noticed your bed and jumped on it sliding across the floor. Giving every one kisses and smiles and cuddles as you made your rounds through us you seemed to know as well as we that you were home to stay.

With the information provided to us we were cautious at first with your interactions and introductions but quickly realized all was good. You established friends immediately through the neighborhood in animal and human form introducing all of us to many lovely individuals.

You have even melted the hearts of a few in the neighborhood that at first were afraid of you. You are a passive and caring dog that seems to realize when someone, even if they are a stranger, needs a little extra attention and are happy to give them just that. We can go on for many pages and examples of the way you touch so many around you though we need to keep this letter short. So in closing we would like to say:

Dear Django you are loved and cared for deeply and you make our hearts smile several times a day, Thank you sweetheart.

If you would like to see more of Django you are welcome to take a peek at his Facebook page Django ten Berge https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011044394804.