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I’m sharing some pictures of the adaptation of Annabel with us, I can say that it’s been absolutely easy for us and apparently for her to adapt.
She seems to be toilet trained as since day 3 she has been peeing and pooping only outside, we keep rewarding her with cookies though to ensure she will keep doing it only outside, she is already attending her routine of walks.
She is best friends with our couch, she is playful when teased, she is very cuddling with me and Charlotte and she loves her new toys and games, she also has no issues to sleep in her bench.
She can still become a bit bitey if teased or when she turns to playful mode, however me and Charlotte are immediately giving her either the bone, rope or stuffed animal so she is playing with it.
We are very happy to have her here with us, we would like to invite you and the other employees from the Haagsdierencentrum to visit her whenever it is possible’