Surrendering your cat

In certain circumstances people need to give their cat up for adoption. However, if you feel you need to surrender your cat due to its problem behaviour (such as uncleanliness, biting and/or destructive behaviour etc.), please contact us first. We will gladly offer advise on how to deal with this and guide you through the process of eliminating this behaviour.

Making an appointment

We can only house cats belonging to owners living in the municipality of The Hague. If you decide you want to renounce ownership of your cat please contact us by telephone (070-366 18 06, Mon / Sat 12:30 to 15:30 hours) or by email to make an appointment.


The cost of renouncing ownership for a cat is €65.00. Any extra costs such as mandatory vaccinations or medical costs will be charged after consultation if necessary.


Obligatory vaccinations:

  • Feline Distemper (Feline Panleukopenia): At least two weeks and up to 3 years old
  • Cat flu: Minimum 2 weeks and up to 1 year old

If the cat flu-vaccination has been done between 9 months and 1 year ago, we will accept the cat upon the condition of paying a vaccination fee as it will need to be repeated by us.


As the oldest and one of the largest shelters in the Netherlands we provide professional care for abandoned cats and dogs in the region of The Hague. We also have a boarding kennel and offer information and education to the public.

Tailored care for each animal is the basis of our approach, as the wellbeing of animals is central in our policies.



Open on Mon till Sat from 12.30 till 15.30

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